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July 2017 General Meeting

Gil Ho
Cattleya hybrid – Ken Campbell
C. violacea – Ken Campbell
Laelia spectabilis – Ken Cambell
Miltoniopsis santanaei – Merle Robboy
Rodrumnia Cherry Hollow “Very Cherry” AM/AOS – Alex Nadzan
Mystacidium capense – Alex Nadzan
L. Latona x L. purpurata – Alex Nadzan
Lc. Tokyo Magic x Lc. Brian Wheeler – Alex Nadzan
Blc. Sea Swirl “Whirlpool” HCC/AOS – Alex Nadzan
Lc. Indigo Mist Coastal Blue – Alex Nadzan
Ken Campbell and Alex Nadzan
Gil Ho and one of his Stanhopeas
Lorna Rammon

All photos taken by Debra Funakoshi

Source: Flickr

June 2017 General Meeting

2017 POS Annual Sale and Auction

With 57 active bidders and 371 plants auctioned off, our annual sale and auction was a big success!

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