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June 2015 General Meeting

May 2015 General Meeting

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January 2015 General Meeting

2014 Holiday Party


The Holiday Party on Dec. 4 was a big success thanks to the manager and waitresses of Chin’s Szechwan Restaurant who served another excellent meal.  Well-deserved congratulations go to Dr. Merle Robboy for receiving the POS Member of the Year Award and to Renate Schmidt for the Orchid Digest Diamond Award of Excellence at the dinner. Also, thanks to Ivan Allen who collected monies for the party and to Pat and Linda Rusnell who received plants from Newman’s Nursery, brought them to the dinner and assisted me in distributing them to attendees.  A good time was had by all.

November 2014 General Meeting

October 2014 General Meeting

San Diego International Orchid Fair 2014

Don Crain shared these wonderful pictures on our facebook page. He took them at the San Diego International Orchid Fair this past weekend.