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March 2013 General Meeting

February 2013 General Meeting

January 2013 General Meeting

November 2012 Meeting

October 2012 Show and Tell

San Diego International Orchid Show - October 2012

Blc. Toshie's Magic – Alex Nadzan – Best of Section "Cattleya Hybrids", HCC 78
Lc. Schloat's Fancy x L. Lookalike – Phyllis Prestia – Third Place
Pot. (Slc. Golden Wax "Lone Star II" x Blc. Lone Sound "Dogashima") – Alex Nadzan – Second Place
Lc. Tropical Pointer "Cheetah" – Anita Spencer – First Place
Blc. Kathy My Love – Alex Nadzan – Third Place
Lc. Amethyst Star "Purple Flame" – Alex Nadzan – First Place
Ootaara Island Flare "Fragrance" – Alex Nadzan – Third Place
Cymbidium Chen's Ruby 'Gold Digger – Gil Ho – Second Place
Den. blue – Renate Schmidt – Second Place
Amgraecum Shooting Star – Renate Schmidt – First Place
Habenaria medusae – Renate Schmidt – Third Place
Anita Spencer and Dennis Mackewicz
Merle Robboy, Elf Mitton, and Dennis Mackewicz at the booths

These are the orchids exhibited by members of the Palomar Orchid Society that were awarded at the San Diego International Orchid Show October 6 & 7, 2012.

Source: Flickr

October 2012 Meeting

Alex Nadzan speaking on Orchid Hybridizing Basics
Cattleya hybrid seed pod
Newly germinated orchid seeds
Close-up of newly germinated orchid seeds
Orchid seedlings before replating
Seedling flask of L. tenebrosa
Deflasking orchid seedlings
Rinsing the roots of the orchid seedlings
Discussing flasking and orchid hybridization
Paphiopedilum Primechild – Merle Robboy
Cattleytonia Jamaica Red 'Sentinel' HCC/AOS – Alex Nadzan
Dendrobium limpidum – Helge Weissig
Dendrobium convolutum – Merle Robboy
Cymbidium Chens Ruby 'Gold Tiger' – Gil Ho
Unknown Cattleya hybrid – Janice Krause
Vuylstekeara Pacific Passion 'TOW' – Warren Stehle
Slc. Circle of Life 'Trailblazer' x Lc. Magic Melody – Alex Nadzan
Blc. Toshie's Magic – Alex Nadzan
Blc. Horizon Flight x Slc. Circle of Life – Alex Nadzan
Slc. Golden Wax 'Lone Star' x Blc. Love Sound 'Dogashima' – Alex Nadzan
Lc. Canhamiana v. coerulea 'Azure Skies' – Alex Nadzan
Neofinetia falcata – Alex Nadzan

Alex Nadzan gave a very educational and informative introduction to orchid hybridization from an amateur's perspective. As part of his presentation, he demonstrated the de-flasking and first potting of seedlings. The selection of plants brought in for the Show and Tell portion of the meeting was a little smaller as our attendance was below normal as well, possibly due to the Presidential debate. However, there were several very beautiful flowers to be admired.

Source: Flickr

POS Caravan at Renate Schmidt's and Merle Robboy's

August 2012 POS Virtual Show and Tell







Sorry, the August 2012 VST is a little late.  Here is it!  Below is the description for the lineup from left to right above.


Catt. Hawaiian Wedding Song X Lc. San Diego Variable - from Gil Ho

Prosthechea cochleata ? "Green Hornet" - from Gil Ho

Dendrobium victoria-reginae - from Helge Weissig

Masdevallia floribunda - from Helge Weissig

Masdevallia veitchiana - from Helge Weissig

Lc. San Diego Surprise 'Billyb' x Sc. Batemaniana 'Hawaii' - from Helge Weissig

Lc. Tropical Pointer 'Cheetah' HCC/AOS x Blc. Mark Jones 'SVO' HCC/AOS - from Helge Weissig

Laelia Zip - from Helge Weissig

The New POS Virtual Show-N-Tell for July 2012




Welcome to the new POS Virtual Online Show-n-Tell.  I have been wanting for some time to setup a virtual place to show off POS member plants in bloom or with something interesting to display, that for one reason or another, couldn't get to the regular meeting show-n-tell session for all to see.  From now on, Members, if you have a plant you want to show everyone, just send me the photo (, and I will put it up.  Not every month will have a virtual show-n-tell, but if there are pictures, then they will be posted up.  Please also send me a short description of the plant.  Send feedback to me if you love the idea or hate it.  I start us off, with my Maxillaria chrysantha in full bloom, a surprise for me this morning (7/21/12) stepping outside to check my plants. 16 flowers!  Following are an Encyclia, my Neofinetias, and Alex Nadzan's first Stanhopea oculata in bloom!  Excellent!  At the end, more of Alex's wonderful Catts and other gems.
Enjoy and Happy Growing!
Gil Ho,
President, POS