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Cymbidium Culture Basics Alex Nadzan

These slides are from our February 2020 orchid culture meeting, which covered repotting and emphasized cymbidium culture basics.

Growing Australian Orchids Brian and Phena Duno

Culture notes and details about the orchids offered by Brian and Phena Duno of "Down Under Native Orchids"

Mexican Orchids and Detailed Orchid Culture Handout / "W.A.N.T.S." Handout Weyman Bussey

Understanding where orchids come from helps us understand how they grow.

Orchid Basics 101 Alex Nadzan

Unfortunately our orchids can’t talk to us, however, more often than not, one can gain insight into how happy they are by careful observation of how they are growing and their basic anatomy, leaf structure, and root characteristics and health.

Orchid Culture Basics II Alex Nadzan

These are the slides from our March 2020 Orchid Culture meeting with an emphasis on repotting and dividing orchids.

Orchid Repotting Basics Alex Nadzan

A very basic guide to repotting your plants in order to foster a strong and healthy root system, which is of prime importance to the successful growing, maintenance, and blooming of your orchids!

Orchid Rescue Mix Alex Nadzan

Orchids that have been stressed or lost most or all of their roots can be rescued by using a special culture medium. 

POS Potting Mix Guide V.1 Gil Ho

First version of the Palomar Orchid Society Potting Mix Guide from 10/27/2010, subject to additions and improvements.  Suggestions and corrections are welcome.