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2016 Annual Plant Sale and Auction Gallery

Our 2016 Annual Plant Sale and Auction was held on April 30. The event was a great success with over 70 registered bidders, many plants sold during preview, and plenty of beautiful specimen plants fetching very good prices.

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Brandon Tam
Bill's orchid
Jerry's orchid
Suzi's orchid
Alex's orchid
Green orchid
Nico's orchid

All pictures were taken by Debra Funakoshi!

Source: Flickr

August 2015 General Meeting

Anguloa clowesii – Jerry Spahn
Bc. Binosa (4N) X B. Little Stars (4N) – Alex Nadzan
Blc. Guanmiau City 'Bird of Paradise' – Alex Nadzan
Blc. Toshie Aoki 'Starburst' – Alex Nadzan
C. Penny Kuroda 'Spots' AM:AOS – Anita & Jerry Spencer
C. Spotted Gem 'Snow Leopard' – Alex Nadzan
Epi. Hakulea 'Super Red' – Stewart Walton
Epicatt. Volcano Trick 'Paradise' – Iso Zehner
Lc. Issy – Alex Nadzan
Lc. Loog Tone 'African Beauty' – Alex Nadzan
C. Hawaiian Variable 'Rainbow Valley' – Anita & Jerry Spencer

Pictures by Alex Nadzan and Phyllis Prestia

Source: Flickr

July 2015 General Meeting