February 2022 – Alex Nadzan & Jerry Spencer

Alex Nadzan & Jerry SpencerAlex Nadzan & Jerry SpencerSome of our members have been asking recently about cultural issues so we would like devote this meeting to orchid culture and address maintaining your orchids in late winter and transitioning to early spring as well as tips on how to prepare for the upcoming growing season. Since we are now into cymbidium flowering season, we also will review aspects on growing, dividing and repotting of these beautiful and easy to grow orchids that are ideally suited for our Southern California climate.  The meeting will be an in-person meeting and will be available on Zoom for those who can’t attend or are uncomfortable attending at this time. All in-person attendees must be vaccinated and boosted and wear a mask during the meeting. To maintain safety of attendees, we will not have food or drink but members can bring their own water if desired.  

Our first culture meeting of this year will feature two of our very experienced growers, Alex Nadzan and Jerry Spencer.  Alex has successfully grown orchids outdoors for many years in Southern California. He will discuss end of winter maintenance of your orchids and prep for the upcoming growing and repotting season that should help both beginners and more seasoned growers prepare for the busiest part of our growing season. He will provide some tips and valuable sources of information and supplies.  

Anita and Jerry Spencer are expert growers of award-winning cymbidiums displayed at our local shows as well as at our meeting show-and-tells. They have many years of experience growing these popular plants and Jerry will give a demo on repotting/dividing cymbidiums that should aid all attendees in their efforts for maintaining and blooming cymbidiums. 

Alex and Jerry will address any questions you may have so bring your questions to the meeting This should be a very interesting and educational session for all who want to get a head start on the upcoming orchid growing season.  

Finally, the plant table this month will consist of orchids donated to the society by Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids. It will be a robust table so everyone that purchases tickets will be able to get at least one plant.

Wed, 02/02/2022 - 6:30pm - 9:00pm