November 2010 - James Rose

Lycaste orchids are one of those orchids that reward us with beautiful blooms, tantalizing fragrances, and also very interesting foliage during the summer. They lose those leaves during their winter rest period when they need a dry cool place to get ready for those spring blooms. When I think of Lycaste orchids, I think of the Lycaste aromatica which is a very popular plant here. Members can go to Jim’s website ( before our meeting to see the assortment of Lycastes that Cal-Orchid is currently offering for sale. If you see something that you would like to purchase, send him an email and ask him to bring it when he comes here. Jim will be furnishing the plant opportunity table and we hope to see some of his new crosses there. Jim and his wife Lauris recently attended the Gauteng Intnl. Orchid Show held in Pretoria, So Africa.

Jim attended the University of California Santa Barbara as an anthropology major. In 1971 he began working at Santa Barbara Orchid Estate. After 16 years there, and becoming manager, he left to establish his own nursery with his wife, Lauris. In 1987 they purchased Orchids By Rowe, a 2 acre cymbidium nursery 2 blocks from the Pacific Ocean, and created a world renowned orchid nursery providing one of the largest varieties of orchid species and hybrids in the U.S.

Cal-Orchid maintains an active breeding program and stud collection built upon decades of international travel. James is very well known for having a distinctively selective "eye" for the new unusual plant, and Cal-Orchid's new and long-time customers enjoy reaping the benefits.

The nursery's inventory features the Cattleya, Cymbidium, Odontoglossum, Masdevallia, Lycaste, Paphiopedilum alliances as well as a good assortment of African species. More recently, James and Lauris have become recognized for their superior "Pacific" line of reed-stem Epidendrums, which have evolved over 12 years of selective breeding.

Jim has published in the AOS, Orchid Digest, and CSA magazines, and is well respected for his knowledge as well as his distinctive sense of humor. He lectures all over the world…from Japan to South Africa, to Europe, at orchid shows and World Orchid Conferences.

He is a Cymbidium Society of America Judge, former member of the AOS Conservation Committee, and active member of the Japan Grand Prix Organizing committee where he has judged every year at the world famous Tokyo Dome

Wed, 11/03/2010 - 7:00pm