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Sat, 04/03/2021 - 10:00am - Sun, 05/02/2021 - 5:00pm

San Diego International Orchid Fair 2014

Don Crain shared these wonderful pictures on our facebook page. He took them at the San Diego International Orchid Fair this past weekend.

POS Wins Batchman Trophy for 'Best Orchid Society Display' at the 2014 SDCOS Spring Show

The Palomar Orchid Society Exhibit won Best Orchid Society Exhibit at the San Diego County Orchid Society's 2014 Spring Show & Sale. Many of our members and supporters received ribbon awards for their plants and trophies for their wonderful exhibits.

POS 2013 SDCOS Spring Show Display

San Diego International Orchid Show - October 2012

Blc. Toshie's Magic – Alex Nadzan – Best of Section "Cattleya Hybrids", HCC 78
Lc. Schloat's Fancy x L. Lookalike – Phyllis Prestia – Third Place
Pot. (Slc. Golden Wax "Lone Star II" x Blc. Lone Sound "Dogashima") – Alex Nadzan – Second Place
Lc. Tropical Pointer "Cheetah" – Anita Spencer – First Place
Blc. Kathy My Love – Alex Nadzan – Third Place
Lc. Amethyst Star "Purple Flame" – Alex Nadzan – First Place
Ootaara Island Flare "Fragrance" – Alex Nadzan – Third Place
Cymbidium Chen's Ruby 'Gold Digger – Gil Ho – Second Place
Den. blue – Renate Schmidt – Second Place
Amgraecum Shooting Star – Renate Schmidt – First Place
Habenaria medusae – Renate Schmidt – Third Place
Anita Spencer and Dennis Mackewicz
Merle Robboy, Elf Mitton, and Dennis Mackewicz at the booths

These are the orchids exhibited by members of the Palomar Orchid Society that were awarded at the San Diego International Orchid Show October 6 & 7, 2012.

Source: Flickr

POS Exhibit at the San Diego County Orchid Society's Show and Sale

Trophy and Ribbon
Left Side
Right side

Our exhibit at the San Diego Orchid Society's Show and Sale won 'Best Exhibit Illustrating Show Theme', second place for a non-commercial exhibit, and a Balboa Trophy. Congratulations to the team and to all the growers who received ribbons. Our own Alex Nazdan's Blc. Izomi Charm x Slc. Circle of Life hybrid even received a 'Best in Section' award!

Source: Flickr

Fabulous Fall Orchid Festival

We held our first "Fabulous Fall Orchid Festival" at the San Diego Botanic Garden on Saturday, November 21, 2009. Vendors Loren Batchman, Ben Machado, Charlie Foquette, Nico Goosens and Lisa Humphreys, and Derek Woodman sold orchids and supplies. Renate Schmidt presented a repotting demonstration, and Gil Ho and Merle Robboy gave informative talks inside the Ecke Building.