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General Meeting September 2021

2014 POS Auction

The 2014 auction turned out to be a success despite the very real impact of the fires in Northern San Diego County during the week leading up to it. Although attendance was only half of that of last year’s event, we managed to auction off all plants at a good profit to the society.

This success would not have been possible without the tremendous help and participation by many of our members as well as the generous donations we received from several growers and vendors. During the auction itself, we even had help from several family members that are not carriers of the orchid bug.

Please join us in thanking the following individuals for their efforts. Without the help from so many volunteers, the auction would not have been possible:   Read more »

September 2012 Show and Tell

Lctna. Zip Knot – Alex Nadzan
L. Interceps aquinii coerulea – Alex Nadzan
Kir. George 'E' – Alex Nadzan
Ctna. Capri 'Lea' AM/AOS – Alex Nadzan
Pot. (C. Chocolate Drop 'Kodama'  X Pot. Rubesence 'SVO' AM/AOS) – Alex Nadzan
Blc. Mari's Glory – Alex Nadzan
Neo. falcata (White Tara  X Crystal Palace AM/AOS) – Alex Nadzan
Slc. Naomi Kerns 'Fireball' AM/AOS – Alex Nadzan
Lc. Ann Akagi 'H&R' – Alex Nadzan
Bepi. Dave Wallace – Alex Nadzan
Lc. Mackie's Flare – Alex Nadzan
Ctna. Jamaica Red 'Sentinel'  HCC/AOS – Alex Nadzan
Neo. falcata (White Tara  X Crystal Palace AM/AOS) – Alex Nadzan
C. Chocolate Drop 'Volcano Queen' – Alex Nadzan
Blc. Oconee X Blc. Sanyang Ruby – Alex Nadzan

This month's Show and Tell has some wonderful plant photos contributed by Alex Nadzan. If you would like your orchids featured, please submit them by email before the third Wednesday of each month. This is a great opportunity to show off your collection and exhibit plants that were not quite ready or otherwise didn't make it to the monthly meetings' Show and Tell.

Source: Flickr

May 2012 Caravan

Open House at Rudvalis Orchids
Cymbidiums Everywhere!
Open House at Rudvalis Orchids
Large Cymbidium specimen grown for cut flowers
Cymbidium hybrid
A double-lipped freak of nature
Visiting Gil's place, signs and all
"The Contraption"
Gil's small green house
Orchid nuts find "extra spaces" everywhere!
Paph. Pinocchio
Paph. dayanum
Alex Nadzan demonstrating one of his seedling/staging areas
Car port structures hung with shade cloth
Bc. Markai x Bl. Morning Glory
Lc. Citron Flight
Alex and Renee with Cym. Jack And Sam

On our first caravan of the year, we visited the Open House at Rudvallis Orchids as well as Gil Ho's and Alex Nadzan's places.

Source: Flickr