Monthly Meeting

Our meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise specified) at the Carlsbad Woman's Club, 3320 Monroe St. Carlsbad, CA 92008. This is on Monroe St. just south of Carlsbad Village Drive. We feature regular culture classes to learn about growing orchids first hand, as well as our monthly special guest speakers, who cover just about every imagined topic on orchid culture, breeding, hybridizing, judging, conservation, travel and more.

2013 Holiday Party

November 2013 General Meeting

November 2013 - Betty Kelepecz

Betty P. KelepeczBetty P. KelepeczGrowing Masdevallias

It is a pleasure to welcome back Betty Kelepezc to our society. Betty has been an orchid hobbyist in Southern California for over 30 years. She has grown orchids in Long Beach and Huntington Beach, and, since 2003, in the Point Loma area of San Diego. She started raising orchids in the early 1980’s when her husband and co-orchid grower Steve brought home a discarded cutting/keiki of a red Epidendrum he found in a trash bin in the alley beside their home in Long Beach. He planted the unimpressive and bloomless cutting on a moss-covered rock and confidently predicted that it would bloom beautifully in no time. When the Epidendrum actually did bloom and, in fact, never since has stopped blooming, the disbelieving Betty became an orchid enthusiast and both of their collection of orchids has since grown with the unwavering passion so often accompanying that first orchid discovery.    Read more »

Wed, 11/06/2013 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm

October 2013 - Panel of Orchid Experts

The October meeting will feature our second culture session of the year that will concentrate on “Preparing your Orchids for Winter”.  Panel members will include Nico Goosens (Lico Orchids), Karl Batchman (Casa de las Orquideas), Harry Philips (Andy’s Orchids), and other expert growers.

Believe it or not, winter is approaching!  Although it does not seem so with all the warm weather we are having thus far.  But to your orchids, the waning sun, shorter days and cooler evenings are telling them that it is time to start slowing down to begin their winter’s rest.  To others it is telling them that the mating (flowering) season is fast around the corner.

Cymbidiums also will be send up their spikes of wonderful colors with rainbow hues.  Some dendrobiums will shrink if watered in winter, while others will welcome the chill to set next year's flowers.  The Black Orchid and related members (cycnoches and catasetums) will drop their leaves and go into dormancy.  Cold sensitive plants such as phalaenopsis, tolumnias, and most vandas will need to be brought in to avoid their demise.  Potted orchids will need care different than orchids on sticks.  Do you know how to care for your loved ones?

Join us on 2 October when your fellow orchid growers guide you into the chilly weather to come. Please bring your questions on winterizing your plants as well as any other orchid related questions you may have.


The opportunity table will be provided by the three commercial growers and should have a very nice collection of plants.

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm

September 2013 - Rafael Acosta-Jaramillo

We are delighted to welcome Rafael Acosta-Jaramillo, VP of Sales and Marketing at OrchidSource Laboratory and Nursery located in Vista, CA. Rafael will speak on “Care and Maintenance of Phalaenopsis Orchids”. Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the most popular orchid types maintained by novices and hobbyists alike.

Rafael was first introduced to the fascinating orchid world in 1995 by Barry Lee Cohen, owner of G&B Orchids Lab & Nursery Inc. This introduction to astonishing color, diversity, and uniqueness were the pillars to his true passion for orchid cultivation. Rafael’s OrchidSource Laboratory and Nursery forms an important alliance for orchid conservation together with other reputable orchid growers including Katai Phrao Orchids, Thai OrchidSource, and The Orchid Zone Ltd.

Rafael has been collecting and hybridizing orchids for more than a decade. His vast amount of hands-on experience with orchid cultivation using various laboratory propagation, division, and tissue culture techniques provide for a strong background in general orchid care. Rafael holds a BA in Computer Science as well as a minor in Spanish from the California State University San Marcos.

OrchidSource Nursery will provide the plant table, which will consist of a variety of orchids raised at their nursery.

Wed, 09/04/2013 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm

July 2013 General Meeting

July 2013 - Fred Clarke

Spotted and Splashed CattleyasFred ClarkeFred Clarke

We are delighted to host again one of our favorite speakers and long time supporter of the Palomar Orchid Society, Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids.  Fred will be presenting one of his newest talks on “Spotted and Splashed Cattleyas”.  As many of you know, Fred is excellent orchid hybridizer and has pioneered the development of new lines of compact and mini cattleyas.

Fred’s presentation will highlight his hybridization efforts with this versatile class of orchids.  Fred is a highly sought after lecturer on many orchid subjects and travels extensively around the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin and South America.  We are fortunate that he agreed to kick off our first talk in the Lake San Marcos facility, which should prove to be one of the highlights of our 2013 speaker’s program.

Fred has been growing orchids for 34 years and has been hybridizing for 26 of those years. With over 26 years as a professional grower and manager in the horticultural industry, Fred applies these skills at his orchid nursery, Sunset Valley Orchids, located in Vista, California, just north of San Diego. His nursery’s website has considerable information, plants for sale and many beautiful pics of his award winning orchids.   Read more »

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm

June 2013 General Meeting

June 2013 - Ron Parsons

Miniature Species You Can Enjoy and Grow

Ron ParsonsRon ParsonsWe are excited to welcome Ron Parsons who will speak to us on “Miniature Species You Can Enjoy and Grow”. Ron’s talk is based on a book he is writing, which will be published later this year.  His presentation will feature beautiful color slides of the subject matter, in-depth information, and first-hand knowledge about the species discussed. June’s plant opportunity table will be provided by Andy’s Orchids.

Like many of us, Ron is a true plant lover and has been growing orchids, cacti, and bromeliads for over thirty years, and carnivorous plants for ten. He grows an assortment of cool growing species under lights at his home in South San Francisco and a few more in an unheated greenhouse at his parents home in Burlingame. His collection is beautifully grown, and often the plants featured in his talks are from his own collection. He willingly shares his knowledge about plant habitats and suggestions for culture with all who are interested.   Read more »

May 2013 General Meeting