May 2021 Culture Class – Photographing Your Orchids

Onc. hastilabium – Debby HallidayOnc. hastilabium – Debby HallidayDebby Halliday, Jack Schaefer & Stewart Walton all really enjoy taking photographs of their orchids. We all strive for accurate and vibrant color, perfect details, and a quiet background. We have different approaches to achieving these goals and thought you might enjoy knowing more about how we do it.

We also have various ways of managing our photo libraries and utilizing our photos. Debby uses hers as a primary means of documenting the progress of her plants from year to year. She also shares her hi-res images with the club to use in its promotional activities.

Jack is careful with the background and staging of his plants, to highlight the shape and color of the flower. Stewart looks for good sharpness, contrast and color in his photos, whether indoors or outdoors. He uses his cellphone primarily, and often overrides its automatic features for the best shot. We will welcome your questions and hope you will come away with some ideas about taking better photos of your plants.

Wed, 05/05/2021 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm